Judith Varga criticized EU politicians

In a long interview by Magyar Nemzt (which was also sent to Infostart), Judit Varga also spoke of “the European Parliament must definitely change”. It was no coincidence that Fidesz proposed delegating EU representatives to national parliaments, thus ensuring real political legitimacy, and that Member State governments and national parliaments could also initiate the EU legislative process.

As for the Hungarians, he said that “Hungarian rules should be introduced in all EU member states and

Then many European leaders will face a major challenge.

After all, prosecutors’ offices and courts that are organizationally independent of the executive power should function everywhere.

Among other things, the institution of the referendum cannot be outlawed and transparency rules must be put in place, which is not certain that the fragile government coalition operating in several member states will be able to accept. According to him, no country would introduce such rules, and therefore “we have another reason to be proud of the Hungarian rule of law,” said the Hungarian Minister of Justice in Magyar Nemzyt.

Opening photo: Judith Varga/Facebook

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