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Judith Stahl has been with her husband for 36 years: he met Chapa in high school – a Hungarian star

Judith Stahl has been with her husband for 36 years: he met Chapa in high school - a Hungarian star

Stal Judit Known as the TV2 fact sheet newsletter, her popularity did not diminish even after she left the news show in 2002. In fact!

The 52-year-old star built a gastronomic empire: Stahl’s Kitchen started in 2003, with several recipe books published.

Judith Stahl and her husband Chapa

Not only does she write recipe books, her publisher, Letro, with which she shares her entertaining women’s literature and crime stories as well as her cookbooks. Launched by On the page, they also cook a lot based on their online recipes, during quarantine they post recipe ideas titled Menza at Home to help those who have been forced into the home office and stay home with their kids due to online education.

Her husband, Chapa Bohos, father of daughter Hanna, born in 2004, is his partner not only in private, but also life. They got married in 2001, but their relationship is already 36 years old. They met as a high school student, and they both took a cake to a birthday party, so they started talking.

– Csaba and I have known each other since I was 16 years old, and he was above me in Apáczai. We’ve been friends for a long time, and when he said he really wanted a girlfriend, I told him I could be the perfect candidate because he wouldn’t be bored by me, ” Judith Stahl told For Eva Magazine.

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He was graduating with a degree in biology and chemistry, but when he saw at four on the notice board that anyone admitted to an art university could be absent for two days, he applied to the College of Theater and Film Arts as a director. He learned television from András Kepes, who was a very strict teacher.

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– When I was asked who wanted to watch TV, we were three girls: Gabi Jakobsk, Monica Vig – the former founding editor of Magyar Naranx, died at a very young age – and I, who wore glasses, had a bad, compulsive and depressed mood at the same time, stuttered a little, so I went To a separate speech teacher for a year and a half. I can still remember Kepes’s skeptical look as he looked at me for the first hour.

Stall Judit 2

It started out as a TV intern, then edited and directed, and then when I started TV2 in 1997, I came out from behind the camera, and became one of the women’s newscasts in Chronicle, and then Good Evening, Hungary !. Until then, before constructive criticism.

After the first day of the broadcast, Kassaba gambled that he had a good reputation and a bad reputation. So I told him: Start by mistake: It was horrible! The good news is that it can get better! He is, always boldly telling me what he’s thinking, plus – or because of that – the best person in the world!

Zsuzsi Laky is a handsome husband

The love of MMA fighter Miss Europe 2003 and Gusztáv Dietz has been revealed in several visions. The handsome athlete was working for a security guard company when he got acquainted with the blonde beauty, and since he was unfamiliar with the world of celebrities, he had no idea who she was. After learning that she is a model and beauty queen, she feels rather embarrassed to flirt with her future sweetheart.

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