Judith Shell talks about her life in Spain

Judith Shell talks about her life in Spain

Last September, we read for the first time in the Thália Theater an announcement about it Judith Shell School Spends a year abroad with her two youngest childrenAnd with Poldissar And with barber – He’s been living in Spain for two weeks, but the children’s father, Zoltan Schmid, stayed home. The 12-year-old boy and the 8-year-old girl started studying abroad in the fall, and the school year ended recently.

a Actress and kids are moving homeNow the actress was telling Women’s magazine about her experience.

Judith Schell tells Women’s Magazine about her life in Spain

For example, about living with children who enjoyed outdoor schools in an Andalusian town with a large balcony overlooking the sea. Boldizsár was bilingual in both English and Spanish, while Bury attended a Montessori school.

“I realized the dream I had 12-13 years ago. Now the stars are fine!” Judith Shell, who feels she made a good decision a year ago, started.

“I cling to my dreams and when I plan something, I like to get it done. Today, I think I went as best we could, because there were big closures, school closings at home, most of the education was online, everything worked here, and there was a school All the time “.

Marbella was not her first choice for the 48-year-old actress, she was originally created for the Costa Ripa, but the pandemic forced her to bypass her accounts. In the end, an acquaintance living in Marbella helped him last year so they could get out. As it turned out, everything depended on the children’s school alone, because Judit was not looking for work in Spain.

“I had been preparing to try myself abroad for many years, consciously collecting what was right for it. Here in Marbella, I budgeted and stretched until my blanket arrived. I’d say, I didn’t spend my money on toxic home renovations, but rather gave my kids experiences and language skills.”

The actress has returned home and wants to start a new life in the professional field too: she announced that she was leaving the Thalia Theater.

They also started life:

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