Ju-jitsu – ranking competition in Budapest

On 04/15/2023 the Marcali VSZSE martial arts division traveled to Budapest with 22 competitors. We participated in the ranking competition of the Hungarian Sports Ju-Jitsu Association with the most junior competitors.

Competition results:

Czuppon Ákos Fighting System Man U12 / -46 kg – 1st place
Nemeth Joanna’s fighting system for women under 12 / -28 kg – 1st place
Peter Zoltan Mann under 14 / -38 kg – 1st place
Csaba Móri Fighting Man U14 / -55 kg – 1st place
Máté Tombor Fighting Man 21 +/- 85 kg 1st place
Kósa Leventa Fighting System Man U10 / -24 kg – II. place
Zselyke Kecskemét women’s fighter under 14 / -44 kg – II. place
Anikó Németh Fighting System for Women U12 / -28 kg – II. place
Hornung Hana U-12 Women’s Fighter / +48 kg – II. place
Benedek Jangli Fighting Man U14 / -55 kg – II. place
Zsófia Horváth Fighting Women U12 / + 48 kg – III. place
Staub Szabolcs Man U14 / -38 kg – III. place
Ágnes Németh Women’s Fighter Under 14 / -44 kg – III. place
Sisaba Better Fighting Man Under 16 / -66 kg – IV. place

In the practice of dual self-defense:

Molnár Levente-Kósa Levente Duo System Man U10 – 1st place
Ákos Czuppon – Rebeka Rigler Duo System Mix U10 – 1st place
Hanna Hornung – Zsófia Horváth – Duo System Women U12 – 1st place
Dominic Mohai – Maximilián Mohai – Duo System Man U14 – 1st place
Perlaki Titanella – Tratec Levante Duo System U10 – II. place
Moldvai Borbála – Rigler Rebeka Duo System Women U10 – II. place
Perlaki Titanella – Tratic Levante Duo System Mix U10 – II. place
Anikó Németh – Johanna Németh – Duo System Women U12 – II. place
Filip Szován – Csaba Móri – Duo System Man U14 – II. place

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We came back to Marcalli with 13 gold medals, 15 silver medals, 3 bronze medals and fourth place. However, the real result cannot be measured in medals and their number. The real result of the competition is the alternate team, which has proven itself to be a decisive contender on the mats for the local sport of jiu-jitsu!

Thanks to the parents for their support and patience! Photos by Gábor Szován: Thanks for that!

Duo System Racers was prepared by Livia Lorne Nemeth.

Robert the Great

Photos: Gabor Szovan

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