József Szarvas on the SZFE issue: I'm so sorry that apparently we are enemies

József Szarvas on the SZFE issue: I’m so sorry that apparently we are enemies

According to the actor who started a semester at SZFE, it is a tragedy that the university cause has reached, but he still hopes to start the dialogue.

The permanent war over the University of Theater and Film Arts continues, but for a week Was announced, Those who start studying at a theater institute. From this list it turns out that he was the head of the prose acting department Joseph Szarvas will be. He is a member of the National Theater Company To Alinda Veiszer And the To László Pál In an interview (which It can be viewed on Patreon as paid contentExplain why he took the job in the current situation.

I agree with the idea that is driving the transformation of the university. Let’s not even talk about where you got it. Tragedy drama

Says Sazarvas, who regrets the lack of dialogue between actors of theatrical life, but is confident that he will be able to discuss the matter in the coming years. According to him, it is important that there is no clear moral division of roles in the story:

“For my part, I think it is the very poor quality of play that contains good and bad. Everything is always more accurate than that. I think in this situation, it is not my duty to judge on one side or the other that it is not right,” he said, adding That rebellious students are always right when they think that “the world is with me. It begins and now I will do it.” According to him, no age group should be denied the right to deviate from prescriptions and imagine the future and the present differently from what it has learned so far, at home, in The school.

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The question also arose as to why he decided last summer not to sign the petition launched last summer against the conversion, but instead gave his name to the statement in response to that, in which the playwrights emerged. Laszlo BalkovicAnd the Zsolt Semjén In addition to the SZFE transformation, with reference to convincing plans and impact studies.

I haven’t seen any effect study. I did not participate in any preparation of the decision, but I learned that Attila Vednyansky had taken over the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees. And I thought, and I still believe today, that the Board of Trustees has fallen into good hands. (…) This is a complete professional and human trust on my part towards Attila Vidnyánszky.

József Szarvas believes he has an ethical responsibility, but it is not related to the transformation of the university in which he did not participate, but rather with the fact that from September he will be responsible for the professional preparation of ten to fifteen students for five years. Had the previous administration asked him for this task, he would have undertaken it because he feels fit for it based on his professional experience and credibility.

He says time and time again that the situation should not escalate this way and continues to search for theater professionals he has worked with before but left university in his final semester.

I cannot be a professional weird, I am part of the profession, and I am happy to point out to my colleagues whose ideas about the profession are very important to me. And I’m very sorry that at this point we seem to be enemies. Well, that’s impossible

The actor says, adding that if he had to take the war viewpoint, he would go crazy.

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László Palkovics does not want to describe his role as a minister in the transformation process. He says politics is just as much a part of our culture as anything else. The politician “does his job, his soul is on it. The press does its work, its soul is on it. But let me not get too big. They swim in vain, I don’t have to swim.”

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