Journey To My HBCU: My Path To Norfolk State University

We all come from different avenues of life, and some of those avenues lead us to college. Hello my fellow HBCU Kings & Queens, my name is Kori aka The Collegiate Journalist, this is the story of My Journey to Norfolk State University, a true love of my life.

The Beginning

At first, I wasn’t even going to attend NSU! My first choice was Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia for photography, but the decision changed after I returned home from the mall with my twin brother. In our mailbox sat two acceptance letters from Norfolk State. Without knowing, it turns out my mother made a call to my uncle, who is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, who made a call to one of his brothers who was the head of Admissions at Norfolk State, and everything from then on was decided.

My freshman year was just like every freshman’s experience: A learning one. Just me & my brother tossed into an world we knew nothing about, with people from different parts of the world, all with these different personalities, cultures, looks, styles, etc. It was overwhelming at first, to say the least. During an English class I found the first friend, my brother and I would create a bond with at college: Brenden. How we established this friendship can be explained with the words: Refund Check. I had just received my first refund check, and I decided to toss all common sense out the window that day (Freshmen, when you get that check, you’ll understand). Cashed it, withdrew some funds, and made a very flashy entrance into my English class to Bands Will Make Her Dance and some bands in both hands and mouth. The reaction was hilarious, and from there we became friends with everyone in class.

The culture shock and experiences I went through my freshman year really had an effect on my decision to stay at NSU. I remember my first time going to a “Spirit Hour” (we call it Activity Hour). So many people dancing and so much energy. One thing that stood out to me were the Greeks: these students doing these different dances and wearing their clothes with specific colors and letters that I had never seen before (my favorite ones were ΔΣΘ, still are to this day). It was crazy seeing it for the first time or even hearing about it mainly because my parents gave me no heads up about any of this, but all and all it was a great experience.

The Middle

My freshman year was good, but it had it’s complications; the main one I was commuting. It was a lot to commute from my home to school each day at 7 in the morning to make it on time to that 8’o clock class (Commuters understand the struggle), so to alleviate those issues, my sophomore year became the year I moved on campus with my brother. It took a lot to move up there, with the main roadblock being my mother. She really didn’t want us leaving her, seeing that it was the first time leaving her for that long, plus being worried about grades because of everything that happens on campus, but eventually she gave into circumstances.

I was excited, about staying on campus! All I could think about was all of the freedom being imposed on me; I started to become more into myself, desiring to make a name for myself on campus. It was like I was given another chance to do things within my school, and the reason I thought like this was because I never did any of this while in high school. I was always too shy to even step out to that open light back then, I regret it, but that’s beside the point! I did so much those two semesters, one of those things being the Mr. Sigma Gamma Rho Pageant.

The first time I saw the flyer promoting the pageant, I blew it away. It wasn’t until the day of the interest meeting that I made the decision to do it. I think it was about fifth teen guys including myself that were in that meeting, and only nine could be picked. We introduced ourselves and answered a few questions and left afterward. I was nervous and had a feeling I wasn’t going to be picked, but I got that call saying I was selected and went crazy! Those months of practice with those 8 other contestants and the Gamma Nu chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated helped me deliver the poem I did for my great grandmother (R.I.P) with so much energy that the whole crowd dropped a tear (some even balled out crying), and helped me build a new confidence for myself that only evolved into something more.

The Present

So skip a couple of months and we’re at Junior year. Everything was good; grades were looking up, I became the Parliamentarian of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International as well as Mr. Phi Alpha Delta, plans for the next semester were coming into fruition and I had just joined a very popular organization on my campus called The League of Extraordinary Men. The League is an organization that my cousin actually founded on April 17th, 2012 with the help of nine others.

Now I have a desire to achieve the Mr. NSU title this upcoming semester as well as going for awards being presented on my campus. But only the future knows what my destiny holds, and I can’t be more excited for whatever it has to present to me!

So my fellow HBCU Kings & Queens, I say all this to not only give you a view of my HBCU journey but also to say go for the path that leads to the stars! Never be complacent in where you are at any time, always expand and most importantly…

Continue Excellence!

-The Collegiate Journalist

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