Journalist: The government press produces hateful anti-American rhetoric

According to him, his relationship with the Hungarian government is serious, practical, encouraging and intimate.

My dialogue with the Hungarian government is serious, practical, encouraging and intimate. He said In an interview with David PressmanAmbassador of the United States in Budapest. The diplomat noted that in the past two weeks alone, I have spoken with six Hungarian ministers.

According to him, at the same time, there is a “huge buzz” about him in the government-controlled media.

We are not really worried about personal attacks in the state media, we are worried about Russian propaganda there, and the fact that it is not known from there that we are friends and allies of Hungary.

– said Pressman, emphasizing that it was not his goal to be seen as a close enemy in Hungary. However, he added that the United States is now speaking out in its relationship with the Hungarian government, and that it is its responsibility to “identify the anti-American rhetoric that appears in the government-controlled media, as anti-American and problematic.”

David Pressman also spoke about the fact that the world is living in times of extraordinary consequence, and Putin’s aggression against Ukraine is momentous, but it is just one example of the challenges we all face, and we must act together with our partners. Friends and allies. – Do I think that America has a special responsibility and a role in this? The ambassador said of course yes and we are aware of that.

The diplomat also had several scandals with government officials. According to him, members of the Hungarian government often talk about promoting peace, but from opposing EU sanctions to Russian “ceasefire” proposals, Russian President Vladimir Putin They express views they support

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Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that “what he or any other ambassador thinks about the internal political processes in Hungary is completely irrelevant, because it has nothing to do with it.” In his reaction, Pressman made it clear that we do not view Russia’s attempt to unilaterally redraw Europe’s borders as a mere “domestic political development in Hungary.”

The journalist was also criticized for meeting with the judges of the National Judicial Council, but the diplomat also published a quiz in which it was necessary to guess the statements of the Hungarian government and media professionals, as well as Putin.

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