Jordan says Norris could be Britain’s next world champion

Formula 1 is currently great for talent. Many young drivers are getting higher and higher in the ranks, seeing more and more of them already on the podium, and maybe even winning a race. The only question is, which one will take off the soonest?

Jordan also spoke about Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, but when it came to the next British world champion, he said George Russell instead of Lando Norris. “I love Norris,” said the Irishman, “I think he’s a very special pilot.” F1 Nation in a previous episode.

“It’s hard to say who could be a runner other than Hamilton and Verstappen. I was personally a huge fan of Ocon when he was still with Force India. We can see in Hungary what kind of professional work he can do, because despite the great pressure, He did a great job.”

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“Sure, Alonso helped him too, and conditions went like that, but how can he get to the top two? No, I don’t think so yet. There are very few people who can get close to Max and Lewis, and in Norris’ eyes is one of them.”

“If I had to look for another world champion in Britain, I would choose Lando Norris.” By the way, Jordan himself liked to work with young people, just think about the introduction to Michael Schumacher. The German legend’s son, Mick, will drive Formula 1 this year, but due to Haas’ weaknesses, he hasn’t been able to show much about himself so far.

However, according to the former team captain, it would be too early to compare him to his father, because we haven’t seen enough yet to judge how successful the Haas rider will be in the King class.

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