Jön PS4-re is a remake of Demon Souls?  |  Herblock

Jön PS4-re is a remake of Demon Souls? | Herblock

The Twitter account called PlayStation Game Size is all about indexing different updates and file sizes, and they noticed an entry related to Demon’s Souls – which, however, is really interesting to find in the PS4 Store database.

The source adds that it could easily be categorized as a simple test and wouldn’t have a definitive look, but it’s easy to include in the pack that a new version of Demon’s Souls remixed by Bluepoint may be released soon on PS4 as well, after PS5 has mowed a lot as the opening title.

Obviously Sony doesn’t want to give up previous generation support until there’s a wide enough audience for the PS5, but it’s definitely a big question about how much technical hurdles they might throw if they had to bring the game back to PS4.

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