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Joint advertisement by Viktor Urban and Mateusz Morawiecki

Joint advertisement by Viktor Urban and Mateusz Morawiecki

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met at the Carmelite monastery, as the question of the EU budget was put on the agenda, with Hungary and Poland vetoing Brussels’ desire to make use of EU funds conditional on political terms.

Taking off the mask of Viktor Urban, he made his statement, believing that if they moved away from them, they could do so safely. Salute his Polish colleague. He said that they talked about the independence and sovereignty of the two countries. How can the two countries maintain their sovereignty while giving their strength to the union? This is a good topic.

So in the meantime there is a discussion with the EU bodies. Although the discussions could not be concluded in the summer, it gave herself and the German presidency a chance to reach an agreement. Such coherence has not been demonstrated, and the proposal to link the urgent financial issue of crisis management to the political debate on the rule of law remains on the agenda. This is unacceptable to Hungary in the content of the proposal.

In light of the Polish position, a joint statement was issued with Poland, the last sentence of which was signed by Viktor Orban, authorized by a majority of the Government and Parliament:

We will join forces and forces in this debate and Hungary will not accept any proposal that is unacceptable to Poland.

Many countries and the foreign press point out that the Hungarian veto is illegal. However, this is not the case, but it is EU law that is now used by the Hungarian state. If I see that something is against the interests of the Hungarians, said the Prime Minister, I must forbid it.

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In matters of national sovereignty, immigration and gender, decisions that conflict with the interests of Hungarians cannot be taken.

The international press is also wrong that this debate is about money. This dispute has not been resolved. Especially because the union wants to create the conditions for the recovery of credit. Therefore, Hungary will not suffer any financial damage if the European Crisis Management Fund is not created, said Viktor Orban.

The Hungarian position is clear: the political debate about the rule of law and the financial question of dealing with the crisis cannot be linked, it is irresponsible, bad, very bad. Rule of law legislation is not necessary for crisis management. It only came to the negotiating table because some countries think they want to settle both things at once. On the other hand, Hungarian and Polish votes are essential to the budget. In this sense, said Viktor Orban, we will continue to negotiate.

The current pandemic is a special crisis. That’s why they decided earlier to join the negotiations on the Crisis Management Fund in July, because that might help other countries. Now, however, politically motivated decisions could lead to the disintegration of the European Union. It is dangerous for the whole society in the EU and can really lead to the disintegration of society in the future. There is nothing in our legal system like raising a secondary right above the primary treaty.

The German presidency did not adapt to the points discussed in July. The rule of law mechanism can mislead the EU. It is located in about 27 countries with different traditions. The veto serves to defend our legitimate interests. Today Hungary, Poland and Slovenia are under attack, and tomorrow Bulgaria or another country may be the target.

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The system of conditions so designed could change the future of the Union, because it could be a permanent loophole, a tool, and a stick, against different countries. This path could lead to the disintegration of the European Union and this path should be rejected. With a veto, we need to change the bad dynamics of late, we don’t need to explain the EU in two ways. A veto would certainly be required unless they change what was recently adopted. We will also defend our sovereignty and the spirit of the treaty. This protects the unity of the union, the spirit of the treaties, so the two countries are now working for the benefit of the EU as a whole, and this fact will slowly pass, and will reach others.

Recently, Portugal’s foreign minister said Poland and Hungary might be right. “Can my country be subject to the rule of law standards in the future?”

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