Johnson & Johnson vaccine shipments may also slide

Johnson & Johnson vaccine shipments may also slide

An European Union leader told Reuters that the American pharmaceutical company had informed the European Union that some facts may make it difficult for the European Union to schedule 55 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine in the second quarter.

The European Union official, who requested anonymity, said that Johnson & Johnson informed the European Union last week that it was “under pressure” to deliver 55 million doses by the end of June due to the situation with vaccine components and equipment. In secret negotiations with the American pharmaceutical company.

A single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine is expected to be approved by the European Medicines Agency on March 11th. European Union officials say deliveries are expected to start in April. Johnson & Johnson has pledged 200 million doses of the vaccine to the European Union this year.

The company has not commented on the delay

“According to our contract, we expect to start shipping the vaccine in the second quarter of 2021.” – It is mentioned in a statement issued by Johnson & Johnson that the company declined to comment on potential delays in deliveries in the second quarter.

The company began shipping the vaccine in the United States in March, aiming to deliver 100 million doses by the end of May, but it has reduced March shipments to 20 million doses due to manufacturing problems.

The volume may double in the third quarter

An internal document from the German Ministry of Health dated February 22 and a timeline published by the Italian Ministry of Health on March 3 confirm that the European Union and Johnson & Johnson have contracted to supply about 55 million vaccines in the second quarter, of which 10 million will be Germany and 7.5 million in Italy. According to the two documents, deliveries are expected to double in the third quarter.

However, Johnson & Johnson has yet to provide details of the planned shipments. “We really don’t know what to expect.”

The European Union leader told Reuters.

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Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jong told reporters that he expects the company, which manufactures vaccines against Covid-19 for the European Union in the Netherlands, will be able to deliver about 3 million doses to the country in the second quarter, although deliveries will be limited in April and only in later.

The vaccine produced in the Netherlands returns to the European Union from the United States

European Union member states have discussed the Johnson & Johnson production network issue and its contract with the European Union this year. The vaccine produced at the company’s factory in the Netherlands must be shipped to the United States to be packed in ampoules before being returned to the European Union.

AstraZeneca reduced vaccine shipments to the European Union from the originally planned 90 million to 40 in the first quarter. He later said he was trying to increase shipments from outside Europe.

Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna are delaying deliveries to the European Union, but the first quarter schedule has been adhered to. Under the Johnson & Johnson agreement, the European Union has the option to order an additional 200 million doses of the vaccine this year.

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