Johnson & Johnson to pay $230 million for its role in the opioid crisis

Johnson & Johnson

Photo: Mario Tama/AFP

An agreement has been reached between the world-renowned drugmaker Johnson & Johnson and it will pay $230 million under an agreement with the New York State Attorney’s Office after it was discovered that the company had contributed to the escalation of the crisis.

According to the announcement, Johnson & Johnson is committed to continuing to fuel the opioid crisis in New York and the United States.

The amount paid under the agreement will be used by the State of New York for prevention, treatment, and various educational programs.

Johnson & Johnson is another company in the line that has been sued on suspicion of contributing to the rampant opioid crisis by promoting and making access to pain relievers.

The agreement just announced is the result of a civil lawsuit filed in March 2019. Purdue Pharma, a member of the Sackler family, is also known as the champion of the opioid crisis. Purdue Oxycontin dealer pleaded guilty and fined $8 billion You have to payTo get used to their own millions of painkillers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 500,000 people have died in twenty years from opioid overdoses, including prescription pain relievers.

This isn’t the first time Johnson & Johnson has paid a significant fine for its role in the crisis: In August 2019, Oklahoma paid $572 million in compensation. judge him company.

About the opioid crisis We wrote in detail a crime of the century c. Also in connection with the HBO documentary. (guardian)

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