John McAfee has been sued for cryptocurrency fraud

John McAfee has been sued for cryptocurrency fraud

McAfee and his bodyguard artificially pumped out the rates of some altcoins, but they also applied other tricks. Meanwhile, McAfee was detained in Spain for tax fraud.

Money laundering and fraud have been sued in America against former antivirus king John McAfee, who is reported to have scammed cryptocurrencies.

Authorities say John McAfee and his bodyguard, Jimmy Gill Watson Jr. They offended Through McAfee’s Twitter follower camp: They artificially pumped the prices of some cryptocurrencies through it, and also received disguised payments from startups to advertise the ICO.

According to the US Department of Justice, McAfee and his partner earned more than $ 13 million this way. The decisions stressed that the investors ’enthusiasm was exploited by lies and deceit, which became more and more important due to the advance of cash funds.

Meanwhile, McAfee has been detained in Spain on charges of tax fraud. Watson was arrested in Texas. Parallel to this, the US exchange filed lawsuits against McAfee after it tried to hide $ 23.1 million out of seven cryptocurrency transactions. McAfee recently announced himself as a cybersecurity and cryptocurrency expert, announcing that digital money will change the world (and also adding that he has no investment in it).

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