Joe Biden’s family may have received money from the Chinese Communist Party

Speaking to Fox News over the weekend, Representative James Comer, a Republican in the US House of Representatives, who chairs the committee that handles the dubious affairs of the Biden family, said – Magyar Nemzit writes. According to the portal, the man said in his statement that according to the latest evidence, the situation is “as bad as they thought”: the Biden family may have received money directly from the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Magyar Nemzet’s summary, the US House of Representatives’ House Oversight and Accounts Committee met again on Friday, March 10, as the Biden family’s ties to China were on the table. Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer made a statement on the matter over the weekend on the Fox News show, where he said:

Finally, there are many witnesses willing to testify in their favor, and they also have bank records.

Kummer told the broadcaster that they had obtained documents proving how the Biden family received money from the Chinese Communist Party. The actor added:

Based on the evidence, the situation is just as bad as they expected, and they obtain documents that can be used to launch a strong court case.

At the host’s request, the Republican politician said bank records show the Bidens and their business allies made a lot of transfers, often in the course of a single day, so it’s not surprising that it was the bank they held. The account sent them a warning about suspected money laundering. At the same time, Kummer said that, in his opinion, the matter was not money laundering

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They simply tried to erase any trace of the original source of money, which was the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, for yearsSource: Origo

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