Intő jelet kapott Joe Biden

Joe Biden received a warning signal

That number is only better than Donald Trump’s likes of dozens of American presidents over the past half century (the numbers for the Republican president’s first 100 days four years ago showed 42% support and 53% disapproval), along with the statistics for every other president. Better: Obama’s support and rejection There was a difference of 43 percent between his statements, 31 percent between Bush and 20 percent between Clinton – absolute record holder Ronald Reagan, It can be read on the portal.

Among the accomplishments of the new president, his actions against the coronavirus epidemic have been the most popular to date (supporting 64 percent), and his decisions on immigration and the border dispute between the United States and Mexico have been the counterpart: 53 percent of the electorate, or the majority. Do not favor them. The third important issue is economic governance, with 52 percent of those polled agreeing to Biden’s first steps in this area.

Another important finding of the research is that a large percentage of American voters want the new government to listen to and incorporate the views of opposition Republicans before taking major policy measures, not increasing the level of state participation and thus public spending.

It is also clear from the data that the first 100 days have not changed the deep divide of the United States: 78 percent of Republicans still cannot support Biden’s policies, while 90 percent of Democratic voters have a liking index.

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