Joe Biden officially became the Democratic presidential nominee at Tuesday's convention

Joe Biden officially became the Democratic presidential nominee at Tuesday’s convention

Joe Biden, Vice President of the Obama administration, officially became the Democratic nominee for the presidency on Tuesday, the second day of the Democratic Presidential Nominating Conference.

Host Tracee Ellis Ross, host of the second day of the virtual conference, hosted speeches and comments by logged-in politicians and civilians, as well as short film screenings, at the Milwaukee Convention Center in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, many analysts said, influential politicians spoke of the Democratic Party’s past and promising future: Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This time, Republicans are represented: Colin Powell, the former Bush administration secretary of state, defended President Joe Biden, and late Republican Senator John McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, produced a movie set reminiscent of her friendship with her husband Biden.

Former President Bill Clinton launched a violent attack on current President Donald Trump. He accused him of mismanaging the Coronavirus epidemic, ignoring the opinions of scientific advisers, and hesitating for a long time to urge him to wear mouth masks. According to Clinton, “Covid has hit us more than it should be. We represent only four percent of the world’s population, but we account for 25 percent of all Covid cases in the world.”

Trump had already responded during Clinton’s speech. He wrote on Twitter: “Let the Democrats know we have more cases because we are running far more virus tests than any other country!”

Clinton spoke of Biden as “a man who bears responsibility and does not pass it on to others, unites and does not participate.”

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Jimmy Carter – who very rarely appears in public at the age of 95 – sent an audio recording to the conference, but it was not visible in the video. In the recording, Bident praised his expertise and honesty, and said Biden was “able to restore America’s greatness.”

Representatives of the younger generation in the Democratic Party tried to present Bident as the opposite of Trump. “Against a cowardly president, Joe Biden is a proven brave man,” said Georgian politician Stacy Abrams.

Then the president’s nomination process began. Two politicians recommended Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and three defended Joe Biden. Democrats from all member states and overseas territories then registered, including elected representatives, mayors, or local politicians, to indicate how many Biden delegates won the primaries, how many delegates chose Sanders, and who they considered the presidential candidate. At around 10 pm, there were enough delegates for Joe Biden to win the party premiership.

Biden, 77, checked in from his Delaware home with his wife. Jill Biden, wife of the presidential candidate, gave the closing remarks at the evening, which primarily brought back to life some of the episodes of their family life. Enrollment was recorded at the school Jill Biden had previously attended. Jill Biden emphasized that her husband is compassionate, faithful, and always loyal to his constituents. “Sometimes I couldn’t even imagine how he was doing and how he was moving forward. But I always understood why he was acting, he said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this (nomination) means everything to me and my family,” thanked Joe Biden for his candidacy, who will deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday, the closing day of the conference.

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