Joe Biden laid out the framework for US intelligence agents’ access to European data

According to a statement issued by the White House, the presidential decree was signed on Friday It sets a framework for the rules for US electronic intelligence activities, which ensure that US commitments in the Framework Agreement on Data Traffic signed with the European Union this year are fulfilled. The document notes that the transatlantic data flow is a key component of the US-EU economic and trade relationship, which is worth $7.1 trillion annually.

The presidential declaration explains: The decree answers concerns raised in the EU Court of Justice ruling, when it rescinded the previous EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement, citing EU legislation.

The advertisement draws attention to the fact that The presidential order reinforces the already strict elements of privacy protection and civil rights, insofar as it regulates the electronic intelligence activities of the United States.

In addition, the new regulation creates an independent and binding process that allows participating member states and economic integration organizations to initiate legal proceedings if they believe that SIGINT has obtained personal data in a manner that violates existing US law.

The White House announcement highlights that the presidential decree states that cyber intelligence activities can only be carried out for well-defined national security purposes, and includes safeguards for this. It also requires processing personal information collected by the intelligence community and requires US intelligence agencies to adjust their procedures and practices in accordance with the new requirements and safeguards contained in the Executive Order.

Case History, that in July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union nullified the Data Protection Shield Agreement, which provided a framework for data transmission between the European Union and the United States. According to the rationale, the agreement did not adequately protect the personal data of European users, since there are not enough guarantees in the United States that US intelligence agencies do not have access to the data of foreign citizens.

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