Joe Biden is running for president in 2024

His wife, Jill, had already hinted at this, but on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden himself confirmed that he would run in the 2024 US presidential election.

“Let’s get the job done,” he said in a video of his relaunch. the BBC It reminds you that Joe Biden’s re-election campaign has officially launched with this 3-minute video. The 46th President of the United States has said the 2024 election will be about abortion rights, the protection of democracy, voting rights and social welfare.

He believes that the electorate should decide whether to leave “more or less freedom” or “more or less rights” to the next generation. “At some point in America, every generation will face a moment when democracy must be defended, personal liberties, the right to vote, civil rights must be defended. This is where we stand now.”

He accused Republicans of limiting abortion rights, access to Social Security, and banning books they disagreed with.

In his 2020 campaign message, Joe Biden said Americans are “in a fight for the soul of our nation,” and the new slogan is simpler: “Get the job done.”

Joe Biden turned 80 last November, and he is already the oldest president in US history. He will also work with current Vice President Kamala Harris in the second term.

According to projections, Biden will easily win the new official nomination within the Democratic Party.

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