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Joe Biden is planning enforcement measures that would reverse Trump’s policies

Now that Biden has defeated Trump, he is Transfer team He began turning his campaign promises into plans he could carry out early in his presidency.
Biden’s first focus is likely to be on the decline Coronavirus pandemic. Two sources familiar with his plans said he is set to appoint a 12-person coronavirus task force on Monday. Biden also said during the campaign that he would speak with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, before taking office.

He is also prepared to enact a series of executive measures that would nullify many of Trump’s foreign policy measures and seek to quickly restore the United States to its position at the end of the administration of former President Barack Obama four years ago.

Asked about what actions Biden will take on his first day in office, Simon Sanders, Biden’s campaign advisor, said on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday that the president-elect “will fulfill his promises” made during the campaign.

Biden promised repeatedly on his first day in office to join the Paris Climate Agreement, a landmark international agreement to combat climate change that Trump withdrew from in 2017. He also said he would return to join the World Health Organization, from which Trump decided to withdraw this year. .

Both actions underscore a big difference between Biden and Trump: Biden has always believed in multilateral organizations and agreements that Trump does not trust.

Biden also said he would remove Trump’s travel ban from some Muslim-majority countries and reinstate the “Childhood Deferred Work” program, which allows “dreamers” – illegal immigrants brought into the United States as children – to remain in the United States. Country.

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The election result – with Republicans continuing to secure a narrow majority in the Senate, even though the Democrats took control of the House if they win two rounds of the Georgia Senate runoff in early January – underscores the difficulty of Biden winning legislative victories, highlighting the importance of measures Executive to manage it.

The transition team Biden assembled has been quietly preparing since Labor Day, and have ramped up their activities in recent weeks – including launching a website and social media accounts on Sunday.

Biden Harris transferred his Twitter account chirp That the next administration will address the “most urgent” challenges facing the nation, and include “protecting and preserving the health of our nation, renewing our chance for success, promoting racial equality, and combating the climate crisis.”

Biden included a number of other priorities on the campaign trail and in the policies he launched during the primaries and in the general elections, including addressing systemic racism, climate change and expanding protections for union employees.

Biden pledged to take steps to reform the government, including an expansion of the Obama administration’s moral pledge that deals with stress issues as well as “any improper or inappropriate influence of personal, financial, and other interests.”

He also promised a reorientation instituted during the Obama administration that would restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity.

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