Joe Biden himself says that American soldiers are coming to Eastern Europe

Joe Biden himself says that American soldiers are coming to Eastern Europe

More and more actors in world politics are increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine.

Joe Biden The US President expected that the United States will soon lead additional forces to the eastern European countries that are members of NATO due to the crisis in Ukraine.

The US president did not provide any details, saying at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland that “there weren’t many” soldiers.

It is not yet clear exactly which NATO members will send US troops there.

John KirbyOn Monday, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense said that the United States has prepared 8,500 soldiers ready to deploy to Europe in a very short time in the event that NATO activates the rapid reaction force due to the crisis in Ukraine.

Donald Trump, However, a former US president said, in an interview Friday on the question of whether the United States should be involved in resolving tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border, that it is a “European problem.”

According to Trump, Russia completely controls Germany with its energy dependence, so “Germany surrendered to Russia the North Stream-2 gas pipeline, the plan considered a disaster, waving a white flag.”

The US command, NATO and Ukraine recently accused Russia of deploying hundreds of thousands of troops along the common border for a possible invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies this, saying it is a matter of bolstering forces on its territory and demanding security guarantees to stop NATO’s eastward expansion.

Volodymyr Zelensky At a press conference with foreign journalists on Friday evening, the Ukrainian president spoke about not having to panic about a possible attack on Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian and Emmanuel Macron The French head of state, in a telephone conversation on Friday, stressed the need to ease tensions over Ukraine.

He activated himself in the case Boris Johnson as well as the British Prime Minister, who also spoke to Putin on the phone and will visit Eastern Europe soon; Its stated goal was to “deter the Russians”.

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