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Joe Biden doesn't have to worry: Democratic rivals can't run against him in several states

Joe Biden doesn't have to worry: Democratic rivals can't run against him in several states

It is increasingly certain that the 2020 presidential match will be replayed in the United States. Donald Trump is confidently leading the Republican race to the House of Representatives, while current President Joe Biden could also be helped by controversial decisions in his nomination.

The political season in the United States is expected to be a busy one, from the primaries and caucuses at the beginning of the year to the presidential election on November 5. At the same time, the first stage of the election year, the selection of candidates, does not hold any major surprises: it is possible to quickly determine whether the 2020 presidential election match will again be played in the red corner or not. Donald TrumpballIn blue Joe Bidennell.

In preparation for his return, Trump, who is being tried on 91 charges, succeeded in passing the first hurdle in the state of Iowa, and he now has only two competitors left. Holder Biden does not have to fear a rival within the party in his second term either, noting that the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination process is also strongly tilted in his favor. In three states, party members will only find the incumbent's name on the ballot, but next week they will also hold elections that the Democratic Party Center simply does not consider valid.

Where the Democratic Party elite is more implicit than the Yankees

The New Hampshire Constitution stipulates that no state can hold its first national primary until it has done so (in addition, Iowa Republicans held their first nominating convention, also known as the caucus, on January 15, but it was not organized on municipal or state level). . For more than a hundred years, since 1920, parties here have turned to electoral campaigning, which has received more and more criticism lately. New Hampshire is a small state with little diversity in voters, so critics say the northeastern state does not represent the country as a whole. Because of the lack of diversity, the Democratic National Committee (DNC, which is essentially the party's leadership in Washington) moved to South Carolina, which is more racially diverse, last year. Put The first primary election is scheduled for February 3 (in a state where Biden achieved a strong result in the previous primary), three days before the primaries in New Hampshire and Nevada.

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The two party leaders in New Hampshire indicated that they could not do anything about the decision, because the local constitution clearly stipulates that primaries must be held before any other state. Additionally, local Democrats couldn't change the provision even if they wanted to, since there are Republican majorities in both chambers of the state Legislature, and four conservative justices serve on the five-justice Supreme Court.

Democrats in Washington hardened in response.

The NDP Rules Committee told local party leadership there was “no point” in holding the New Hampshire primary because they did not consider the results valid, and asked that the public be informed of that as well. Since the election scheduled for January 23 is not considered official by Democrats, no one can win delegates at that time. (As in national elections, Americans do not vote directly for candidates in the primaries and caucuses, but rather for delegates, who at the end of the process elect the presidential and vice presidential candidates at the summer national convention.)

Later, New Hampshire's Republican Attorney General charged him with trespassing He accused him Democratic National Committee. “Falsely telling New Hampshire voters that New Hampshire elections are 'bullshit' violates New Hampshire's voter suppression laws,” he warned. John M. Formal.

Local Democrats said it was the Secretary of State's legal duty to hold the election on January 23, so they were confident that as many party supporters as possible would vote. “The Democratic National Committee will certainly be less popular than the Yankees in New Hampshire” – Tell Local leader of the Democratic Party at home of the Boston Red Sox. (The two baseball teams have been rivals for over a hundred years.)

Despite the controversy, opinion polls predict a confident victory for Biden. Votes as measured by the University of New Hampshire You can count on 69 percent A president who is up for re-election, and who can still win write-in votes, that is, by entering the name of the candidate, so that only the names of his rivals, who enter the field quietly as underdogs, appear on the ballot papers. Biden will be preceded from the left by the best-selling author from California, Marianne WilliamsonWhile the centrist congressman from Minnesota said, Dean Phillips He would bring those in the middle into his camp with right-wing hits like Strengthen border protection. During one of the debates, the two candidates agreed that the leadership of the Democratic Party had decided in advance that Biden would be the candidate in the national elections, which they believed would end in defeat. A year before the election, The New York Times published its shocking Democratic Party poll, which showed Donald Trump ahead in all the swing states. Williamson and Phillips, a progressive political commentator who intends to enter the race, Cenk Uyghur Also according to

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The Democratic Party leadership is trying to make it impossible for them to run and pretend there is no real competition for the presidential nomination, even though, they say, it is becoming increasingly clear that they will only lose with Biden.

Jaylen Morse/Getty Images/AFP – Dean Phillips holds a rally after handing his presidential nomination to New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan on October 27, 2023 in Concord.

The Democratic National Committee denies the allegations, saying it is standard party practice to support the incumbent president.

Where victory is served to Biden on a platter

First slap in Florida Because they arrived Biden's rivals. In November, local Democrats submitted a slate of presidential candidates participating in the March 19 primary. Only Biden's name was written on the list, although Williamson and Phillips had already launched their election campaigns. (The departure of Uighur, who was born in Istanbul, may face stronger legal hurdles, as the US Constitution stipulates that only a person born in the United States can run for and hold the office of president.)

In principle, candidates for the ballot should have been submitted to the Secretary of State by November 30, but local Democrats have already announced that they have decided to submit only Biden's name at the quadrennial state convention (which they did on November 1). According to Williamson's staff, they have already sent the necessary documents to run to Florida Democrats in September, but have not heard back from local party headquarters.

Voting originally scheduled for Super Tuesday (on this day, March 5, primaries are held in 14 states at the same time) is believed to have taken place. They don't even arrange it: In Florida, which has 250 delegates, state law eliminates a single-candidate primary.

Americans may think that there is no democracy in Tehran and not in Tallahassee

said Phillips, who He tried in vain He was then asked to appear on the ballot alongside Biden, but a federal court rejected his claim.

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Florida Democrats also see this as a common practice. In 2012, Barack Obama No primaries had been held at the time of its restart either.

A similar situation occurred in Tennessee and North Carolina: only Biden was on the ballot, although after the decision was announced, the Phillips, Williamson and Uygur campaign staff also indicated that they had also requested to be included on the list. the list. Democrats in North Carolina denied this, while in Tennessee they said that only Biden was found to be a “true Democrat” in the nomination process. Contrary to Florida law, single-candidate primaries can be held in these states.

For a long time, it seemed like this streak could continue in Massachusetts. There are three ways to get on the ballot: If not automatically placed on the ballot by state party headquarters, a candidate can be placed on the ballot by collecting 2,500 signatures, as well as the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Massachusetts Secretary of State). Most states) can complete the list of candidates. In December last year, the party headquarters alone named Biden She abandoned himbut in the end William Galvin Commonwealth Secretary Williamson and Phillips I completed the poll.

According to opinion polls

Biden's advantage in the local Democratic race remains unassailable.

The 81-year-old president's approval rating is 70%, while Williamson has only 6%. Even fewer people may vote for Philips (3.5%), and the Uighurs are not even on the list Thirty-five eight In plural.

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