Joe Biden did it: He managed not to cover up his election to the vice presidency

Joe Biden did it: He managed not to cover up his election to the vice presidency

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When a presidential candidate chooses a vice presidential candidate, he should pay attention to one thing in practice: Don’t cure him. You can’t do anything else with the vice president. This, of course, stems from the essence of the vice president’s job: It is his job to avoid, if possible, at all, under any circumstances. Of course, you also have sub-tasks, like not talking nonsense, or most of all, not having excessive political ambitions, and annoying as few as possible. Sometimes, there are ideas, as is now the case with Democrats, for a vice president to represent those in the party’s electoral coalition who are not necessarily a 77-year-old heterosexual.

If you ask me, it’s stupid anyway. If there is one, there are at most invisible numbers of voters who vote for a presidential candidate because they are enthusiastic about their candidate for vice president. If anyone else thinks about this, quickly, without manipulation, cut short to see who George HW Bush was, or say, Lyndon Johnson’s vice president, or say the one thing Joe Biden achieved during his eight-year presidency.

Now that we’ve made that clear, we can also move to the Democratic vice presidential candidate’s evaluation. Joe Biden announced on August 11, just one week before the presumptive candidate meeting this year, that Kamala Harris, a former California chief prosecutor, would elect one of the early fallen Democratic presidential candidates for the vice presidency. He could not cure !!! I mean, it got away with a fool’s choice, as John McCain did when he picked Sarah Palin, or a specific psychiatric condition, as George McGovern did in 1972 with Thomas Eagleton. Both failed in the presidential elections.

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Kamala Harris, Future Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate. She is the first African American woman and the first Asian American to hold such a high position in American politics.Photo: Saul Loeb / AFP

Kamala Harris has proven in her career so far that she is neither a psychopath nor a fool. The bar was not high. This, of course, does not mean that his candidacy would not have spurred, but rather would have provoked immediate anger on the far left in the Democratic Party.

These circuits, for example The other day they got angry because Gina Carano was a colorful and martial artist To express his protest against fascism, he chose the mythical 1936 portrait of a German worker, August Landmesser, refusing to swing his arm on Hitler in a jungle of people swinging his arm. It became a fine thread, Who are being amused, who will not enjoy the far-left intellectual duel, be sure to click on it. In short, it suffices that Carano got his own picture because he posted pictures of the Nazis, but he did not sign the ACAB (All Policemen are Villains) nor did he say a word on the issue of black lives. It is not easy for them to meet. As the attorney general of a large state, California, Harris couldn’t help but turn a blind eye to, after all, he oversaw the violent organizations confronting the radical left.

Joe Biden is very lucky that he doesn’t even have to match the far left. In fact! If anything, his campaign should be about distancing himself from the radical left of the Democrats, if Trump and his staff do not attempt to portray anything but the moderate center, Bident Lenin, who is barely accused of being left-leaning. You don’t have to fight much for such left-wing voters anyway. The worst that can happen is that a minority of them do not tend to go to the polls, but because radical leftists usually live in states where Democrats have an overwhelming advantage over Republicans, their absence from the presidential election does not divide or multiply.

By that time, Harris’ birth rights, regardless of political worldview, were far more important. She is an African American woman. For Biden, the latter may be less important, as the vast majority of black people support him in the run-up to the primaries, but the appearance in 2020 also matters, and the dominant political theme for this year is the situation. Blacks and minorities in general have a pervasive problem of institutional racism. Women as a group of voters are considered more important because while the vast majority of blacks have been Democratic voters since the Civil Rights Movement, women, especially suburban housewives who are able to decide elections in pendulum states, represent a heterogeneous group of voters.

They are the ones who, according to polls, have turned away from Donald Trump en masse over the past four years, thanks mostly to their support that Biden says that according to current polls, according to our traditional knowledge, they are not. The longest brave, the blind the most. They will receive For the victory of Donald Trump *.

In the long run, the situation is much more interesting. Harris, whose father is Jamaican and whose mother is Indian, is not only the first African but also the first Asian-American vice presidential candidate in American history – and the third vice presidential candidate. Given Joe Biden’s age, he also has a good chance of being the next Democratic presidential candidate in under four years if they win.

Already if they win. Because if Biden and Harris are defeated by Trump at his side, that will definitely spell the end of Harris’ career. But even if they win, their position will not be very easy. On the one hand, because even then, you really have to prepare to be able to compete in 2024. Biden will be 82 by then, and if he’s able to do so mentally and physically, he might not want to spend another four years in a job that has crept in until With relatively vibrant youth like Barack Obama. That is, Harris should hold the traditionally invisible vice president position while actually building on the 2024 election. The press commissioner would love it, but the president and party leadership could take it for granted if it seemed the vice president was essentially spending all of his time running for his president.

* Before anyone misunderstands, this is not a prediction. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in four good years since the start of the 2016 election campaign, it is that there is no reasonable prediction about Donald Trump. I’m just pointing out that in a normal world, amid a pandemic, economic downturn, and social tensions culminating in violent riots, it would be impossible to win such a bad situation.


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