Joe Biden denies his family received $1 million from China

In response to a journalist’s question in front of the White House, the US President denied receiving more than $1 million from his son’s business partner, Hunter Biden, or from a Chinese trading company account in 2017 for his family members, which was reported by the House Oversight Committee based on on bank statements.

A Republican-led House committee on Thursday released bank documents showing that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, Jim Biden, the president’s brother, and Haley Biden, the widow of the deceased president’s son, received large sums of money from Hunter’s business partner and partner. Joint energy project between the United States and China. from CEFC.

Later Thursday, Hunter Biden’s legal spokesperson confirmed that the payments had been made, but asserted that no one other than the recipients had benefited from the money and that it was for their business.

The chairman of the oversight committee, Republican Representative James Comer, received bank transfer receipts from Bank of America with a binding request.

According to the legislature’s information, these show that in March 2017, just two months after Joe Biden’s appointment as vice president in the White House was terminated, a Chinese company transferred $3 million to Hunter Biden’s business partner, who transferred more than $1 million to another company, in dollars, From her, members of the Biden family obtained larger transfers, totaling more than $1 million, over the course of three months.

Through the investigation, Republicans are seeking answers about whether the Biden family used Joe Biden’s position as vice president to access lucrative foreign deals. An investigation into the Biden family’s business affairs has been launched in the lower house of Congress, the House, after Republicans seized a majority in early January.

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