Joe Biden decided to pull the United States out of one of the worst wars in the world

The United States is currently supplying munitions mainly to the Saudi-led military coalition that has supported the Yemeni government in the war against the 20 rebels since 2015. Collaboration began by Barack Obama and then expanded by Donald Trump. The protracted war has led to a horrific humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which has left hundreds of thousands of people hungry in addition to war losses.

CNBC quoted Jake Sullivan as saying, according to today’s announcement, the United States will suspend its support for “all offensive operations that contributed to the Yemeni civil war that led to a humanitarian crisis.”

In the first place, this may mean that the logistical support and supply to Saudi Arabia and the UAE has ended, although Sullivan has yet to clarify this.

Additionally, a delegate would be appointed responsible for promoting a diplomatic solution that could end the civil war.

At the same time, Sullivan announced that support for operations against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula will not stop: This organization is the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda. The organization is also hostile to the Twentieth Yemeni Government.

Joe Biden previously froze President Donald Trump’s massive arms sales agreements with the Arab countries involved in the conflict:

Cover photo: Mohamed Hammoud / Getty Images

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