Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met

This was the first meeting between the two heads of state since then Biden He took office nearly two years ago. Hazi stressed the need to work together to create hope for global peace and stability, he wrote euronews.

The US president offered cooperation to China in solving world problems, and instead of conflict, he wants competition with China, which he says will be sharp.

“We will compete vigorously, but I do not seek conflict. I want to handle this competition responsibly and ensure that all countries comply with international rules. We have discussed that the One China policy has not changed. We oppose unilateral changes. The status quo is a change by any party, and we are committed to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” Joe Biden said.

210 million euros in aid

The European Union announced that it will allocate an additional €210 million in aid to alleviate the global food security crisis. Crisis affected by many factors, including climate change.

Antonio Guterres United nations– According to the Secretary-General, “There is clearly a need for a new approach (ie Climate change in the fight against). Therefore, I propose a historic pact between developed and emerging economies, a climate solidarity pact that brings together the resource capabilities of developed and emerging economies for the benefit of all.

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Most of the G20 leaders are already in Bali for a meeting of a notable economic nature, which may be complicated by their differences over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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