Jobbik made himself a clown

Jobbik made himself a clown

Right-wingers vote for Gyurcsány, and Fidelitas responded to a statement Monday evening in a video posted by Peter Jakab, the Jobbik party leader and leader of the group, on his community page.

The image attached to the short text shows the opposition politician in a red, yellow and blue clown hat, in the background the national colors of the Jobbik logo have also been changed to these three colors, one sentence of the advertisement can be read. pulpit.

President Jobbik: The opposition candidate for prime minister will present himself no later than October 23

Peter Jakab, who was elected president of Jobbik a year ago, said in a video posted to his community that the joint opposition candidate for prime minister, with 106 candidates, will take the stage no later than October 23 to change the government and change the era together. Monday night.

He stressed that in the opposition primaries, “we should not defeat each other, but Fidesz”, but this requires cooperation. He stated that if he wins, he will run for prime minister, and if another wins, he will support him as well.

He argued that cooperation is the real reserve of the nation, calling it the goal of “there are no two Hungarians”, to end the juxtaposition of the poor and the rich, pro-government and opposition, or capital and opposition. country side. He described it as the mission of the national unity government to put an end to the world of my brother-in-law and to hold him accountable.

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Peter Jakab has criticized government crisis management during the pandemic. This government has deceived the Hungarian nation so many times that we do not believe them in what they are asking, and only a country with complete confidence and complete national unity can lead the country out of this crisis. He said that none of them are behind Fides.

Hasn’t Jobbik become a leftist?

He put it this way, “Because Fidesz has become an extreme right-wing party, Jobbik has not yet become a leftist.” He stressed that his party embraces Christianity and basic human values.

Assessing the period since he was elected party chief, Peter Jakab spoke about a year ago describing Jobbik as the unbreakable spiritual force of the nation, whose mission is to unite the nation, and now “Jobbik’s party has changed from 6 percent to 14 percent”, the most popular political force among young people. That’s also changed, he said, because “a lot of people are sitting in the Jobbik and few are pulling.”

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