Jira Zuli's hand could have been more fortunate" Üllői út 129.

Jira Zuli’s hand could have been more fortunate” Üllői út 129.

According to Balint, a third place could be taken, but Tokmac told Nemzeti Sport that the main thing was to perform better than last year.

We are in a good little group, and there are strong opponents waiting for us. In recent years, we’ve had many fights in the European Cups, we’ve competed against many teams, but we haven’t played with France yet, so I’m especially happy with Monaco. It would be good to gauge where we are in front of this level of opponent. Crvena Zvezda took us out of the first hat, when I saw that we were in a group, I immediately thought of the last showdown against Slovan Bratislava. I think this will be a derby too! Like us, the Serbian team also has many fans. We have to give everything we have in the group. We’re obviously not the favourites, and I don’t really care if we finish third or not. The most important thing is to do better than last year, if we finish with two wins in the group, I will be satisfied on my part, it will also be a great success. But the current Ferencvaros is so strong that we can make our mark in Europe as well.

Tomac Nguyen

Several people in the room commented that Jira Zuli’s hand could have been more fortunate. There was really a promising quartet, for my part, I wouldn’t have thought if we had an Italian opponent, because I played in Italy at the time. It would have been nice if Gira Zuli could have put us behind Lazio and Feyenoord, but our group is still not bad. At first, this group also looks weaker, but only based on the names of the teams, not because of their strength in play. We didn’t get the strongest team, Roma, Arsenal or even Manchester United from the top hat, but Crvena Zvezda, so we were again in the top four, with three opponents with similar playing power waiting for us. We are entering the matches in front of us in such a way that we can get third place, at least that should be our goal!

Balint Fixy


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