Jimmy Zumbo’s son, Adrian, has spoken out about his new love

They hope they have a happy future ahead of them.

Adrián Zámbó and his girlfriend have been dating for several months and, like many people, met on the Internet, more precisely on Instagram. “I started following Bianca, I loved her so much, I hope she responds, she comes back, but nothing happens. Then, unfortunately, my grandmother, my father’s mother, passed away, and I made a post about her. It was followed by a black heart, to which I replied with a red heart.”Tell for the story Adria Zumbo.

After that, they began to write to each other, then send voice messages, and more and more wanted to meet in person. The first date was in a restaurant four months ago. Bianca learns that the late Zumbo was dating Jimmy’s youngest son, but claims she wasn’t really interested in him. “I knew who he was, who his father was, but I didn’t come to terms with that. To me, he’s not Jimmy’s son, not Zambo’s, but Adrian’s, who has a big heart, is polite, speaks well, and can put me before himself, admire me and love me.” And I love him in return.”

Photo: Birtron Szabolcs/fotocentral.hu

As it turns out, while Adrián works in the media, Bianka has a civilian job, she is a manager at an old people’s home, and of course they consider it important that they spend enough time with each other. In addition to working, they spend nights together, and when they are not home, they meet up with friends. , and go for a walk, and go on excursions.

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What then? “We’ve been through an intense four months, and although we’re still getting to know each other, we know we’re heading in a very nice direction. We hope for a happy future together. But this path has phases, and yes, maybe the first one living together, maybe in Shared apartment or house Adrian replied.

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