Jim Cramer suggests buying two shares after implementing Netflix

Jim Cramer suggests buying two shares after implementing Netflix

Netflix seems lost at sea and has no plans to find the beach and I think the setback was already well deserved

Jim Kramer said on CNBC last night. For other broadcast companies, Cramer says it may be worth researching the home of companies that currently have a low equity stake, strong background, and fundamentals. For Kramer, two broadcast companies that “stand out” from the crowd, they are Disney and Paramount Global.

We bought a little Disney for the Charitable Trust today. … I love the rest of the work and I think the live streaming service will find its way. By the way, Paramount Global is also interesting

Summarize the teacher.

Cramer also called Disney stocks that will withstand the Fed’s tightening cycle. As for the exchange rate, prices have fallen so far by 19.6% this year,

However, Paramount is up 6 percent so far in 2022.

As we reported yesterday, Netflix has reported a subscriber loss of 200,000 subscribers Tuesday in first-quarter earnings, the first time since 2011 that the broadcasting giant has lost subscribers and expects to lose at least two million paid subscribers globally for the second quarter. The company’s shares fell 35% yesterday after the announcement.

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