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Jill Biden met the Queen in a blue dress: Catalin could also meet the first lady – world star

Jill Biden met the Queen in a blue dress: Catalin could also meet the first lady - world star

Joe Bident was elected President of the United States in November 2020 and registered in the White House in January 2021. The politician, since the country’s leader, has not been abroad since then, but he organized the G7 summit with his wife between June 11 and 13, Jill Bidnell They traveled to England.

The day after their arrival, they met Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and could also spend time over the weekend with some members of the British royal family. Queen Elizabeth He was invited to Windsor Castle by the presidential party.

Jill and Joe Biden also met with members of the royal family

Joe Biden is the thirteenth US president to meet with Queen Elizabeth. They actually met on June 11, the first day of the G7 summit, and Elizabeth invited the party to Windsor Castle on June 13. While the Queen opted for a pink floral-embellished dress for the event, Jill Biden walked through the castle gates in an elegant blue dress and matching jacket.

Photo: Paul/Samir Hussain/Getty Images Hungary

Biden’s dress was dreamed up by fashion designer Gabriella Hearst, and she got the high heels from Valentino Fashion House. Jill Biden hasn’t met the Queen yet, but Joe Biden may have been close to the Queen once in 1982 when he was a young senator.

He wrote that they had tea and talked together in the castle, about the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Xinping. Reuters.

“I don’t think I would offend His Majesty with this, but he reminded me of my mother, not only of her looks, but of her generosity. Very gracious, which is not surprising, we had a good conversation. He asked about the two leaders I would meet, Mr. Putin and Hsi from Qin Bing. We had a long conversation, Biden was quoted as saying by the news agency.

In return, Biden invited Queen Elizabeth to the White House, and there is no information yet on whether they have set a date for their next meeting.

Jill Biden also met Princess Catherine in pairs, on Friday they visited Connor Downs Academic Elementary School together, where they discussed the education system in a roundtable discussion. Of course, Jill was very elegant at the event, along with Princess Catherine.

unknown 1

Photo: WPA Pool / Getty Images Hungary

They even went to a classroom where four- and five-year-olds were waiting for the two of them, reading to them from Greta’s book and the giants inspired by Greta Thunberg.

Catherine wore Diana’s jewelry

Catherine herself was the style statement on the first day of this year’s G7 Summit.

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