Jihadists shoot at a UN helicopter in Nigeria

Jihadists shoot at a UN helicopter in Nigeria

A warning valid for the entire Hillsborough County has been issued.

A brain-eating amoeba has struck a man in Florida, and local health officials issued a warning over the weekend in an area of ​​one of the state’s West Coast counties. Florida health authorities did not reveal whether the infected person was male or female, and did not reveal more detailed information about the case. However, a call on Saturday revealed that the accident occurred around Tampa on the West Coast. the authorities

A warning has been issued for the entire Hillsborough County area and is located in the Tampa area.

All residents and tourists have been warned about the lack of sea and beach water, to use only boiled tap water, and to avoid any water getting into their noses. The unicellular amoeba grows in warm water, and it enters the human body through ponds, rivers, canals, and through the nose, where it destroys brain cells. It does not spread from person to person. People with brain-eating amoeba (Naegleria fowleri) experience a high temperature, suffocation, headache, neck stiffness, vomiting, hallucinations and die within a week of the infection.

There is no cure for brain ameba, despite the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) database of three cases that have been treated: one recorded in 1982 in California, the other in 2005 in Mexico, and the third in 2013 in Arkansas.

However, the Florida Health Authority has called on people who notice such symptoms to see a doctor right away.

Carnivorous bacteria and amoeba are most commonly affected in the southern United States, although more infections occurred in 2019 on the eastern coast of Maryland. Between 2009 and 2018, a total of 34 people died from encephalitic ameba infection. Thirty of them were infected during recreational watersports, three when they washed their noses with tap water, and one person fell ill in a water slide set up in their garden that worked with contaminated tap water.

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