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‘Jewish Hate Festival’ – Why is Hungary boycotting the Durban conference?

'Jewish Hate Festival' - Why is Hungary boycotting the Durban conference?

The West and the Muslim world will use the United Nations conference to unilaterally condemn Israel, which has been boycotted by many EU countries, including Hungary. What is wrong with those absent from the conference, and what is the topic of the Durban meeting?

The news in late June was that of the UK announce: They will boycott the UN event in Durban in September, but in New York, “Citation of Anti-Semitism in the Past”. The United States, Canada and Australia also boycotted the conference, and within the European Union, Hungary first announced the boycott, followed by Austria, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

But what is the topic of the Durban conference, and why are some countries turning away?

Forum for anti-Semitism

The original conference, which the current event seeks to celebrate, was held in 2001 in Durban, South Africa. The United Nations at that time Event Its official title was the World Conference Against Racism, but contrary to its stated purpose, it essentially became a forum for accusations against Israel by Third World dictators, and the declaration that was adopted severely discriminated against the Jewish state.

In preparation for the 2001 Conference, the Asian Member States held a preparatory meeting in Tehran, Iran, in February 2001. Here a statement was adopted stating that

Israel isThe new apartheid, “crimes against humanity “ and that”a kind of genocide against its Arab population.

This text was eventually removed from the Durban Final Conference statment, but he mentioned that the PalestiniansThey live under foreign occupation.” The text does not even cover the territories occupied by Israel after 1967 (“neugati partJudea-Somron) but for Palestinians in general, the logical conclusion of the text is that the Palestinians live under occupation from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem.

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At the conference, Third World leaders such as Yasser Arafat attacked Israel, saying that Israel “RacistCuban dictator Fidel Castro, whoon the terrible genocide” Talk about what Israel is doing against the Palestinians. The stated goal of the current event, 2021, is to promote the implementation of the Declaration Points approved in 2001.Application“.

European cash

The British government confirmed in late June that it would not attend the conference by joining the United States and Israel. International Conference “Anti-Semitism Festival” He was said to promote anti-Semitism.

The decision came after the House of Representatives, the Jewish Executive Council and the conservative Friends of Israel wrote a letter to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urging British officials not to attend the upcoming fourth Durban summit. In an event called.

The Jerusalem Post reported almost simultaneously about himHungary was the first EU member state to announce its absence from the event this year. The Israeli newspaper quoted Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto as justifying the boycott in a letter he sent to Mark Weitzman, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The Hungarian government declared zero tolerance for anti-Semitism,

We are fully committed to ensuring the security of the Jewish people – we constantly represent that in international forums as well.” Szijjártó Books. He added that based on this, Hungary did not support the so-called Durban Declaration, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly at the end of last year.

Israel friendly policy

In recent decades, the United Nations and its affiliated bodies have ceremoniously condemned Israel, mainly because of the strong voice of the Third World, Muslim countries, and Western countries helping it, so there is little surprise in the revival of the 2001 conference.

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It is interesting to study the reactions of the various great powers and European countries to the upcoming conference. The Biden government is moving away from the traditional American political line that is friendly to Israel, despite the fact that more and more singing has recently called for a more critical stance of Israel than the left wing of the Democratic Party.

The authorities of the United Kingdom and Australia are still led by right-wing governments, which are joined by Hungary, whose weight is significant, especially since it is the first country to exit the canon of the European Union. Austria and the Czech Republic later joined the waiting list. All of this fits with the official position of the pro-Israel Hungarian government, which promises zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, and the growing image that

The Central and Eastern European countries of the European Union are fundamentally opposed to the new anti-Semitism.

Perhaps most interesting is the absence of the Netherlands from the conference. Although Liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte was in the May conflict in Gaza I stood In addition to Israel’s right to self-defense then statment He issued a statement that Israel must give a proportionate response to Hamas’ rockets, and that it wants Palestinian families in East Jerusalem facing eviction to remain on properties previously owned by Jewish families.

Holland’s behavior is more common in the Rutte government, “One step forward, one step back” It seeks to balance the needs of Israeli friendship with potential anti-Israel Dutch coalition partners such as the D66.

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OPTIONAL PHOTO: Israeli patriots parade their flag at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City on June 15, 2021 (MTI/EPA/Abir Sultan)

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