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JetRider Test –

JetRider Test –

Eliminating aliens has never been so fun in a skill game like this JetriderIn, which evokes classics of several genres.

the Jetrider The protagonist is sent on a mission to a planet called Gravos, whose inhabitants have been captured by an unknown artificial intelligence. So his mission can only be to free the captive indigenous people and eliminate the villains, who are basically robots and special monsters. The Catalan developers have been working on their first platformer since 2020, which has also received some shooting seasoning: at the same time, it's a really fun and lively arcade game with a perfectly designed context.

If anyone out there, I can confidently say that I've been a huge fan of the gaming world “since the beginning of time”, especially jump titles. This is one of the reasons I had my eye on Jett Rider, and of course because it eerily reminds me of a specter game called Jetpac released in 1984, in which you had to build a spaceship on alien planets with a guy in a space suit. , in order to eventually escape with the wind. Our mission this time is also similar, since depending on the progress we make, we can mess around collecting objects in the course of certain missions. But to avoid spoilers, I prefer not to go into detail about what exactly it is; But to put it somewhat vaguely, I thought it was unfortunate that these mechanics form the rabbit's tail of the story's events.

However, the accumulation of things is divided into several levels in four different corners in Gravos, and it is useful to collect all the things that can be seen right in front of our noses, because by handing them over, money hits us. We can spend our personal vaults at our HQ, at the remaining local vendors, to upgrade our weapons and tools, but we need to collect these tools first. We usually find them in hidden corners or as a result of completing our tasks. Oddly enough, we can only have two mordálys at a time, which is why it's worth investing first in the ones we plan to use with preference. Eliminating our smaller enemy is not particularly difficult, especially since depending on the quality of the school, we can easily spot the weak point in all of them. After defeating them, we get a little money and experience points: the latter is only necessary to level up, allowing us to gradually gain more and more life force, but the energy of the jetpack attached to our back also benefits us.

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In Jett Rider, you can talk to some characters, but the conversation structure is not optional. On the other hand, his sarcastic sense of humor immediately impressed me, and no matter how important we are to a mission, thankfully he never takes himself too seriously. Graphically, of course, we can't talk about great work, but fans of retro motorcycle style will definitely find something to their liking. In some cases, it is useful to return to one or another previously cleared area, but the procedures are essentially linear, so our test subject cannot be called metroidvania, even with the best intentions. However, for 5-6 hours, it turned out to be a really meaningful walk, and in some places she pulled out surprises from her bag.

a result: 7/10
Developer: Latest chicken games
Jandosoft SL
platform: PC, Switch, PS4|5, Xbox One, and Series


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