JERA has been recognized for the sport of Joseph Mako

JERA has been recognized for the sport of Joseph Mako

Let’s start with the appreciation: at the Mako City Day Opening Ceremony, Joseph Gera, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association, Head of the Acting Department, received the Mako Sports Award. On this day, aikido, aerobics, kick, Muay Thai and thug classes were offered in the main square.

Opel Kurumi of Mako (from left) was the best Hungarian in the anti-Romania team meeting. Photo: Makó Budo Club

The club’s boxer, Opel Korumi, took part in the training camp of the national team in Iger and took part in two matches in the Romanian-Hungarian Teens and Teens team: first in the 42 kg weight group and then in the 44 kg weight group, winning both. Opel Korumi also received the Special Award for Best Hungarian Teen.
Nipples of Mako Bodo Club participated in the White Belt Cup in Girindas. Over 100 competitors competed in the Great Southern Plains TKD club competition, some in several competitions.

Competitors of Mako Budo Club achieved the following result, Chapa Gezi: third form training, first place struggle; Anna Egger: Third exercise form, third place fighter; Csaba Modok: practice for second place, fight for third place; Istvan Farkas: 3rd place in form practice, 3rd in fighting. Joseph Ceres: Training form 3rd, 2nd place fight; Straw Lionel: The Third Form Exercise, the First Fighter. Sparta Cup, Laszlo Polgar: 1st practice form, 1st place fight; Csaba Géczi: fight for first place; Ludányi Richárd: 4th place in training (out of 20+ riders).

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