Jenő Rácz took his wife on a date

Jenő Rácz took his wife on a date

Jenő Rácz and Dóri Gyuricza take an interest in making time for each other even after giving birth, which is more important than people think.

It ruined a lot of marriages and relationships because they spend almost no time on each other after the baby is born. They dedicate every second to the baby as they move away from each other very slowly.

It’s not healthy, and in the long run for the baby too, a lot of marriages have fallen through because of this, and we’ll only get our attention when we hear that the couple hasn’t been found anywhere a year after birth. .

It’s ridiculous and harmful in all respects, yes you have to find the opportunity for the couple to spend time together. It is important to at least spend time separately, especially for a mother who lives her life under more pressure.

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Fortunately, Jenő Rácz and Dóri Gyuricza did not fall into this error, they already work perfectly together. Jen, for example, lets Doris sleep in the morning, in the meantime he feeds them, and makes their little girl conscious, but he also does this at other hours so his wife can go with his friends or family or be alone.

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