Jenna Ortega’s beauty trick is disconcertingly simple and brilliant

Jenna Ortega has gained worldwide fame thanks to the success of her Netflix series Wednesday. Several fashion giants and beauty brands have already asked her to appear in their campaign films, and in addition, many raves have come after the actress’ new beauty moments. Gina, now twenty, is often surprisingly frank: In an interview, she revealed how much Social media is unhealthy Which is why he didn’t want to be there, but there was also an instance of him sharing such inside secrets about Wednesday that it almost cost him his career. Recently, she’s also been vocal about the fact that even celebrities have less good days, at least when it comes to their hairstyles. We’ll show you what Jenna Ortega Her beauty trick when her hair isn’t perfect!

He deals with it casually

Jenna He sold it to English Glamor Her beautician team usually makes sure her hair looks its best, especially her bangs, but there are days when she just doesn’t have enough time to treat your hair – and that’s where hats come to the fore. “I don’t think I’ll ever deal with any hair products”He says. She relies on her stylist when it comes to cutting her hair, and when she’s having a bad hair day, she pulls out her favorite hat. “I usually air-dry it, and of course, no waves.”

Jenna’s iconic hairstyle was an impulsive decision she came to with her hairstylist, Dave Stanwell. “When I told my hairdresser I wanted a haircut and what my thoughts were, we referred to it as a shag haircut, and then people started calling it a coyote.” Jenna explains. “At first I didn’t understand, but then I found the name cute.”

What is the secret of the perfect eyeliner? Makeup artist Evelyn Balag reveals her best makeup hacks

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What is the secret of the perfect eyeliner?  Makeup artist Evelyn Balag reveals her best makeup hacks

The simplest possible routine

The Wednesday star tries to keep the rest of her beauty routine as minimal as her hair care. However, fragrance-free Vaseline, a hairbrush, and sunscreen may be missing from her makeup collection. “Only the most basic and most important things can fit in my toiletries, and I totally travel for survival, and I think that’s fine.” adds Gina.

As for her nails, in the vast majority of cases she does not wear colors on her hands, choosing only clean and transparent varnishes. “I like to keep my nails short and clean.” the actress admitsHowever, if you had to choose a nail polish, the one shade Wednesday Addams would accept would be the only one. “I feel black is always a safe choice.”


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