Jaroslav Kaczynski resigns and returns to his true profession

Jaroslav Kaczynski resigns and returns to his true profession

At a Wednesday meeting of the PiS parliamentary group, Kaczynski told members of the ruling coalition that he was leaving the government and confirmed the decision Concerning more efficient management of PiS – The Polish news agency PAP reported.

After a partial cabinet reshuffle last October, Kaczynski became deputy prime minister overseeing the Ministries of Homeland Security and Defense, but he also retained his position as party chief. At a party meeting on Wednesday, an unnamed source said that it is not enough to go to the PiS headquarters only once a week.

Kaczynski had already called the position of deputy prime minister a temporary position in his previous press releases. In one of his previous interviews, he indicated that after completing certain tasks

He returns to his real occupation, that is, to lead the party.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, 72, is the most influential politician in Poland. The former prime minister assumed the presidency of the Law and Justice Party without interruption since January 2003, for which he was re-elected for the last time in July of this year. Then he asserted that if he was re-elected, this would be his last party presidency, and he would not take over any further. The term of office of the party leader is four years.

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