Japan and Vietnam also oppose the deployment of troops in Ukraine

Japan and Vietnam also oppose the deployment of troops in Ukraine

“We cannot accept a change in the status quo by military force, wherever it occurs in the world,” Kesida Fumio told MTI.

Japan He was highly critical of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and also joined Western sanctions against Moscow. However, Vietnam, like the countries of Southeast Asia, has so far sought to avoid direct criticism of Russia and called on the parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and respect the UN Charter and a negotiated settlement.

Vietnam is a historical ally of Russia, and the armament of the Vietnamese army is largely Russian-made. However, it also has close ties with Ukraine, where about ten thousand Vietnamese work or study. In recent years, Vietnam has also strengthened its relations with the United States, given China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.

The Japanese prime minister also criticized China’s actions in the South China Sea, where Beijing’s leadership has created artificial reefs, supporting its regional needs in a region with huge trade in goods, parts of which include Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines. demanding himself.

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