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Janos Chak discussed cultural and scientific cooperation in Jordan

Janos Chak discussed cultural and scientific cooperation in Jordan

The minister said that he met with Prince Hassan bin Talal, who heads many cultural and scientific institutions in his country. The meeting discussed joint initiatives that the two countries could take in countless areas, from climate change to water supply to the issue of peace.

Regarding the latter, he pointed out that there are many local conflicts in the world, and they can only be prevented through cooperation that has cultural and scientific aspects. According to the minister, the meeting took place at the Jordanian National Museum, where the prince joined the minister responsible for digitization and the minister of culture.

János Škák, a member of the World Science Forum Management Committee, said: “Since the Prince is part of the World Science Forum Management Committee, we also talked about the further development opportunities that lie ahead for this galactic initiative, which started in 2003, so it is 20 years old this year.” “General”. Haifa Al-Najjar invited the cultural minister and Prince Hassan bin Talal to visit Hungary.

The other meeting took place with Pierce Paul Cressman, head of the American Research Center, where they discussed the Macairus project. The minister said that Makairos is the citadel where Herod Antipas beheaded Saint John the Baptist in 29 AD, adding that the leader of the Makairos excavation, Professor Voros Giozo, was also present at the meeting. He added: “It seems that we can develop archaeological cooperation for other areas of the Holy Land in Jordan, since the time of Christ and before the time of Christ.”

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