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János Bencic is still waiting for his Canadian visa

János Bencic is still waiting for his Canadian visa

Canada still has not issued a visa to the future Hungarian consul general in Toronto, János Bencic of the former Gobi. Find out In response to a question about whether it was worth staying with Bencek even after that, and whether the Hungarian Foreign Ministry would prefer to send someone else instead, the ministry replied: “The goal remains the same.” also reports on the appointment of János Bencic mentioned Back in December last year, meaning the case had been going on for about ten months.

János Bencic – Photography: Tamas Kovacs/MTI

Meanwhile, it turns out that János Wöllner, also a former member of the Jobbik party, will not be a foreign affairs attaché after all, but will stand in the battle line for the Hawksett cause, i.e. Hungary leaving the EU. union.

In December 2022, it was revealed that Foreign Minister Péter Szijjarto had asked János Wöllner to be his foreign economic attaché. later discovered that Feulner, who has no diploma or language exam, does not actually meet any requirements to be a diplomat. The ministry allegedly granted Feulner an exemption, but according to them, he wouldn’t accept the “dream job” anyway.

We covered the career of the former Jobbik politician, whom Viktor Orbán referred to only as “Jobik’s last Mohican,” and you can read our profile on him here.

News on Wednesday that György Szolosi, editor-in-chief of Nemzeti Sport magazine, has been denied a US visa. In his post, he put it this way: “It is not the personal injury that hurts me – although it is very heartbreaking that I became persona non grata in the USA, and it was important for me to meet my Hungarian-American friends and fellow athletes – but the humiliation inflicted In my country, it affects the press, the media, and the family of sports journalists classified as undesirable by the United States, which was once the bastion and vanguard of freedom of expression.”

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