Jankay English themed days – Queen Elizabeth in the middle

It is a tradition at Jankay Tibor Primary Bilingual School that as Halloween approaches, English themed days are held at the institution. This year, New Zealand and Australia have been in the spotlight.

It is a tradition in the institution to hold English-style days within the walls of the institution in connection with the holiday season. Ágnes Tirjákné Prisztavok The director of the foundation said that there was a year when children learned specifically about Halloween customs. This year the kids explored the culture of New Zealand and Australia.

For the program called Diner fight, every chapter is prepared with some fun Australian food. Also, due to a sad event this year, we also treated Queen Elizabeth separately. The organizer noted that the task was to offer a small relish of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite foods and drinks to children, who also prepare these products with a small show.

At the end of the food presentations, the students participated in a competition called the Suprise Tip, where they measured their knowledge in a series of 12-station programmes. The stations covered interesting facts about the cities of Australia.

Agnes Tergachini Prestavock also said that in previous years there were twenty-four hour subject days, but due to energy efficiency, the program was reduced to fourteen hours. The children spent their days doing school activities from eight in the morning until ten in the evening. They started the day with six English lessons in the morning, and then took part in different programs until the evening.

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