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James’ Secret Journey – News TV

“If someone tells you the reality now, he will have to answer that this pumpkin fool wants to bother you. He will start laughing and chase him away. On the other hand, if someone starts talking about some kind of nonsense, you immediately start sniffing and say that there is still something.” The more stupid he was, the more credit he would give him. Finally, if you said something silly, you would swear it was the truth. The higher the moment of improbability in the statement, the more logical it was to them, and the smaller, the more incredible.

I don’t consider it likely that Peter Jacob or Janus Stamer, Jobbic’s politicians (?), Would know the carnival of Bella Humpvas, and yet perhaps they instinctively embraced the strange theory of one of the characters in the novel. Although when we think about it, Jobbik’s very existence today is so unlikely that we could all be victims of this deception, and think something is not.

Here is this nightmare called Victor Urban’s secret tunnel, and here is the Peter Jacob incident. The two obviously had nothing to do with each other, but according to our information, it wasn’t a coincidence that one followed each other.

The Secret Tunnel, a pseudonym, was intended to divert attention from the crash of President Goebek.

This is where the moment of improbability comes into play. The two, James Westammer, discovered something really touching to say so no one was talking about the stutter, but the tunnel. In fact: from a tunnel. Around the Urban Secret Tunnel.

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This entire statement is so unlikely that many left-wingers think so who cares what the prime minister needs a secret fifty-foot tunnel? Despite a convincing refutation and explanation, James’s followers – from DK to Momentum – are no longer excited by reality. They want to believe in the tunnel of fear, and the imaginations of many will obviously be shaken: The Fidaysians, and even Viktor Orban, will personally grind the captured SZFE students, retirees from DK, and Jobbik frame bachelors. Or something similar. They could have been on Earth, of course, because the hero Stamer had exposed the sordid plan of the Weed Dictator.

And here would be a real question:

What happened there in the stumbling of Jacob, what was the ruinous secret of heaven that made it worthwhile to sacrifice Deputy Stamer as head of the National Security Committee.

Because the president cannot stay after that, that’s for sure. Stuttering is not a cool art, it can happen to anyone, and there is no point in caring for it. Not even the justification for this sacrifice is the fact that it turns out that the president’s driver might be a Nazi sympathizer. This is already part of the daily business at Jobbik, and no one should be surprised. So what happened in the back (or front) seat of the Pobjeda, sorry Skoda Octavia? That is the big question here.

Given the moment of improbability, we can assume that James teamed up with some American spy in a friendly hug while his driver, who was celebrating Auschwitz as a victory, modified the gearbox. James may also be, an alien who kidnapped the better man’s body (while he watched and spoke recently, that wasn’t out of the question) and shared the equalizer and red gold’s secret recipe in the car with his gas rivals. So, if it’s a fairy magic, make it as amazing as possible.

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On the one hand, the real secrets certainly cannot be found in the plans of the planned VIP tunnel at Puskas Square. It’s just losing sight, dust. Something secretly happened that made Jobbik a worthwhile victim. But we in Jacobec do not exclude a moment of folly from the possibilities.

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Jobbik diversion is the state of the planned vehicle entrance to the Puskás Arena

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