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Jakarta is already the most polluted city in the world

Jakarta is already the most polluted city in the world

September 11, 2023 – 6:12 pm

“I suffer from severe shortness of breath, and I fear I will die if no one helps me,” said Soti, whose life in Jakarta has turned into hell on earth due to air pollution. The Indonesian capital has been suffering from poor air quality for years, which is attributed to the surrounding coal-fired power plants as well as traffic. For now, the city with a population of 10.5 million cannot expect the situation to change in the foreseeable future. Moving the capital to Borneo remains a distant prospect, and coal-fired power plants are indispensable for energy supply. Deutsche Welle report.

Rising air pollution could cut the life expectancy of people in South Asia by more than five years, according to a new report looking at the health effects of polluted air in the region. South Asia is home to some of the worst air quality countries in the world, including Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The latest Air and Life Quality Index published by the University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute (EPIC). According to these countries, this represents more than half of the years of life lost worldwide due to air pollution.

The video was published within the framework of cooperation between Deutsche Welle and Telex.

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