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Ivan Hagee: warming up against football

Ivan Hagee: warming up against football

Hungarian footballer Rudolf Ilowski.

2023-02-25 16:06:00

After Újpest eliminated Legia from Warsaw, national team captain Karoly Söss took revenge by brazenly mastering Lajos Parotti.

It is rare for a round of 16 match in the International Cup to be played before the start of the season. It is rare for a season opener to be delayed in such inclement weather. And it’s not every day that football players from South American tours visit the two matches.

And it all happened together in the early winter of 1969. Both the A and B national teams raided Latin America, and Lajos Baróti, Újpest’s coach, complained about it, as did his players Ernő Solymosi, Ernő Noskó, Ede Dunai, János Göröcs and László Fazekas. and Ferenc Bene and Nagy László, while with B Antal Szentmihályi, Benő Káposzta, Péter Juhász, István Bánkuti, Sándor Zámbó.

NB I’s spring opener has been announced for game day in Poland. Újpest could have been postponed anyway, but the whole tour had to be canceled due to insufficient tracks, different types of rain literally burying the start.

In a period of oddity, the White and Purple arrived in Warsaw ahead of their host, Legia, who were playing for Pest. The Polish team camped in Bulgaria, then landed on Ferihegy on their way home, but were not allowed to fly away due to impossible weather conditions. That’s why the track selection team didn’t come home until Saturday afternoon.

Another special moment: for Sunday’s cup match.

In fact: Sunday morning.

The meeting was organized from 11. At -5 degrees below zero. In the extreme cold, both the five-centimeter layer of snow and the ground beneath it were frozen to the bone.

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Újpest was also immobilized by the attacks in Warsaw. Lucjan Brychczy, capped 58 times, who was approached by both AC Milan and Real Madrid, but who didn’t want to “defect”, also played for Legia, as did Kazimierz Dina and Robert Gaduca, winners of the 1972 Olympic football tournament (and bronze medalist in the 1974 World Cup) . The Poles won the final match of five rounds over the Hungarian team led by Rudolf Elovsky 2-1 …

Illovszky will be talked about again. Here, it should only be noted that Hungarian football has not been close to an Olympic summit for half a century, and the best notable result of the last 50 years is the (one-time) performance in Atlanta in 1996, three games, three defeats. , 0 points, 3-7 goal difference was.

In the Munich final, Eddie Dunai, Juhas and Antal Donai played from Ojpest, and Dina scored both goals for the Poles. But Dunai II celebrated at the VVK match. After the Legia players – according to Hetvi Herik – “skated on goal, shot badly on goal”, in the 87th minute, after a corner kick by Fazekas, Anti-football (1-0) took on a positive meaning.

Gorox wasn’t happy at all. On the contrary, he grumbled: “In the return match, we are playing on worse ground than Warsaw.” And in the first half, 12,000 spectators were enraged to visit the world of Megyeri út fen. Władysław Stachurski scored the free kick, then Janusz Żmijewski increased the lead…

But after the break, Fazekas’ corner kick was completed by Dunai II, then Władysław Grotyński unsuccessfully knocked out Solymosi’s 11, the central defender named Pixi sent the ball into the net for the second time (2: 2).

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“I admit we were lucky,” Master Parotti said after the match. Then he took Újpest to the VVK final.

After the second leg of the round of 16, he was hit below the belt by national team captain Karoli Suss. The national team coach said: “I am very happy with the qualification of Úpest, but I cannot accept that the national team players are not prepared. Rather, they are unable to adapt to the conditions, they can only play one type of game. And with the track conditions at home, if he stays Dózsa together, he wouldn’t be able to prepare better…”

Dare to say all this was Sós, who wrote an absolutely absurd tragic chapter in the history of Hungarian football. Such as the Savings League featuring the triangle of Felcsút, Kisvárda and Mezőkövesd, with not only county-level players, but extra-division players. The beginning of the decline of Hungarian football is associated with his name.

And the fact that he became the captain added to the name of Árpád Csanádi. The vice-president of the Hungarian Association for Physical Education and Sport suggested after an indifferent 0-1 in Leipzig whether Sós, who had been serving as captain of the GDR for seven years, should be sent home. Incumbent Rudolf Ilowski had eight wins and one draw with the national team before the only defeat, and historically had a very distinguished record.

What followed was Sós’ hilarious offer: “tichyzing” for Göröcs – instead of Titi -, Mészöly called and then sent him back to Prague, and Marseille to crown the odd party.

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Two years later, Elovsky was taken to the national team, where he reached the top four teams of the European Championships in 1972 and, as we know, the Olympic final. As captain, he was the last of the Mohicans with a permanent score.

Sós and Csanádi clearly did not understand what could happen.

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