'It's tragic' - a British 4x100 plane could fall out of silver

‘It’s tragic’ – a British 4×100 plane could fall out of silver

The Hungarian Telegraph Office reports that Hugh Robertson, president of the British Olympic Committee, has described the doping case of Chijindu Ujah, a member of the Olympic silver medalist of the 4x100m cross-country relay, as tragic.

Ujah’s problematic pattern (Photo: AFP)

MTI is recalling Thursday’s announcement by the International Athletics Hygiene Authority (AIU) that a doping sample from a second-place duty member in Tokyo had detected banned substances with effects similar to those of anabolic steroids. If the B Test confirms the score, the British team’s score will be voided and Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake will lose the silver.

“It’s tragic for the rest of the relay, but those are the rules. Of course, the news is disappointing, but we consider her innocent until proven guilty.”
Robertson said, citing MTI.

He stressed that in British sport a lot of time and money is spent on illicit substance education, so if athletes break the rules they are well aware of the consequences.

MTI recalled that the Italians won the 4×100 relay ahead of Britain and Canada, followed by China in fourth.

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