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It’s too small to see with the naked eye: They charge an amazing amount for this bag – Terasz

It’s too small to see with the naked eye: They charge an amazing amount for this bag – Terasz

Recently, thanks to a talented designer, a new, unprecedented bag was created, which is so small that it can only be seen under a microscope.

You can not use something along the lines of expensive bags of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, you can just enjoy them, but you can get them for an amazing amount.

microscopic cyst

The Tatio miniature cost $63,000 (63,750 to be exact), more than 22 million HUF. In terms of dimensions, it measures 657 x 222 x 700 µm, and the micrometer is 0.001 mm, so only a small green dot is visible to the naked eye.

The MSCHF Collection in Brooklyn has put up for auction the tiny piece, which is being sold as “smaller than a grain of sea salt and can be put through the tip of a sewing needle.” It was created with the help of a 3D printer, and its special feature is that the A representative of Louis Vuitton They did not ask permission to use the LV logo on it.

With this work, they wanted to draw attention to the sharp drop in bag sizes observed in the fashion world, which are slowly becoming so small that not even a mobile phone can fit in them. According to them, as they get smaller and smaller, they lose their job and can only be seen as status symbols.

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During the auction, the bag was sold with a microscope and digital screen so you can see exactly how all the little parts look together.

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(Images source: Getty Images Hungary.)

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