It's time to say goodbye, that's why Satan Nora must act

It’s time to say goodbye, that’s why Satan Nora must act

a Adam Fey She moves her convenience store from expiration to the spinner Nora Norda Who, with his store in Balatonakaratia, started a little war between residents and customers. A neighbor in a grocery store has betrayed pepperWhy did you boycott the deal?

Nora Erdo announced on her social network Saturday night that she loves their convenience store, Balatonakarattyai For me, Lake BalatonIt closed after almost a year and moved away from some streets. The presenter and her husband Paul Nancy It was no secret that Their decision was not made in good spirits, but because locals and locals are becoming less tolerant of the fact that the formerly quiet vacation area is now a busy, bustling and touristy area.

While followers and customers of Nóra Ördög and Pál Nánási are completely enthusiastic about the store, those who live in the neighborhood strive to make the family TV business impossible. This morning, an employee of the Bors Daily also visited the small store in Balatonakarattya, where our colleague met not only enthusiastic customers, but also a lot of noisy neighbors.

“It’s a scandal. We’ve had a vacation family home for fifty years, so we know the area and the locals very well, but we’ve never had a problem with anyone.” However, since they moved here, the Nurians have ruined everything!Said Anna, a neighbor of Nóra’s Devil Little Shop.

Details on Monday in Bursa!

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