It's the dirtiest airport hotel in the world

It’s the dirtiest airport hotel in the world

The list of super airport hotels circulated well on the internet and showed some of the worst hotels in the world, but currently Manchester Airport host is the most expensive one star hotel – you can read On the Daily Star page.

You won’t think how filthy a Manchester hotel isForrs: Facebook / Airport Inn Manchester

Located in Cheshire, England, in downtown Wilmslow, the Airport Inn has a one-star rating from TripAdvisor. There is an “excellent” rating among the reviews, but they differ by more than 500 “bad” ratings and more than 300 “bad” ratings.

Most of the comments talk about the shock and “smoke”, but the noise and old equipment do not raise the light. We booked at the last minute and said we’d be better off then.”

Another speaker said, “Mr.’s first impressions weren’t very good – he was on the sofa next to the reception on the sofa. The rooms were dirty and smelled dusty from cigarette smoke.

They also said that there was no carpet in the room and the floor was dilapidated. Remnants of the uterus lying under the shroud. Traffic and walls were also stained, there was dirt and grime in the bathroom. In the past few months, only one guest has left the hotel, giving it a star rating.

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