It’s still not good to be retired in Hungary

According to a recent survey, the position of retirees in Hungary has not improved, and Hungary is still in the last third of the list in comparison, which takes into account the best place to retire in the world.


According to the Natixis Global Retirement Index Best retiree in Iceland. Switzerland, Norway and Ireland are next on the list. The top ten from Europe include the Netherlands (ranked 5), Germany (ranked 8) and Denmark (ranked 9). In addition, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are among the best places.

Hungary ranked 33rd in the list of 44 countries – same as last year.

The survey ranks countries based on criteria that: What is the access of older people to health care, what is their quality of life, material well-being across the country and, compared to this, pensions.

According to Natixis, there are four things that threaten the happiness of retirees. The first is inflation. The second is lower returns, which reduces the value of their savings. The third is public debt, the growth of which makes it difficult to operate public pension systems. In addition, retirees may be concerned about aging societies and weak health systems.

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