It's so shocking what Tibor Pinter looks like now

It’s so shocking what Tibor Pinter looks like now

He’s trying with the power of steam Tibor Painter and the National Equestrian Theater Company, a company Saint Ladislaus, King of the Knights Also put on repertoire. The actor himself plays the king – going through a major transformation for the role.

The long beard and long hair are there to make me look like a champ. I try to change the role as much as possibleTibor Pintér said at 95.8 Sláger FM, he is confident the piece can become a cult over time.

We know a lot about Stephen King, especially that the rock opera treated his story too. However, she – and perhaps outside of Elizabeth’s musicals – did not make major musicals about historical figures. That is why we touched on the story of Saint Ladislaus, who was a great ruler. He won eight out of eight battles, he was fair and brave according to historical monuments. There is a tremendous force in his story that we are glad to take to the battlefield at the National Equestrian Theatre. It’s such a pleasure to be able to play with him, it’s just a bonus that I’m supposed to look like himsaid Tibor Pinter, who spends all summer at work.

Tibor Pintér is going through an amazing transformation (Photo: Sláger FM)

We weren’t idly idly during the pandemic: We trained, we tried, and we didn’t stop. Also for this reason, our shows meet during the summerTibor Pinter said to the announcer, Cezanne Rolland.

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